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Early Offer Program

An early offer for a place on one of our courses means one less thing to think about in the lead-up to your exams. Early offers are being made each month on set days until the end of this year. Apply now.
Creative thinkers made here.
Creative thinkers made here.

Why 新葡萄平台官网大全?

How it works

If you're in Year 12 and have a predicted ATAR, or you're completing a Certificate IV or a recognised university enabling course that leads to undergraduate study, you can apply for an early offer for an 新葡萄平台官网大全 course.

We'll use your Year 11 results to calculate a predicted ATAR and if this meets the requirement for your nominated course, you'll receive a conditional early offer of a place. This will be subject to you achieving WACE and meeting the English requirements and any other prerequisites for your course (where relevant).

If you're studying a Certificate IV or enabling course, or if your predicted ATAR doesn't quite meet the minimum entry requirements for your course, you'll still be eligible for an early offer that’s conditional on you meeting all entry requirements for your preferred course. That means achieving the required ATAR with your final results or completing your Certificate IV or enabling course. You'll also need to achieve WACE and meet the English requirements and any other prerequisites for your course.

What courses can I get an early offer for?

You can apply for an early offer for a huge variety of undergraduate courses across these six study areas.


For Teacher Education courses, the Music Education major is not available for an early offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Yes, please make sure you add 新葡萄平台官网大全 as your first preference so you can be considered for an early offer and also in the main round of TISC offers in December.

  • You don't need to provide any documents with your TISC application to be considered for an early offer, but you should make sure you're on track to qualify. See "How it works" to check your eligibility.

    If you're completing an AQF Certificate IV (or higher), or a university enabling course at another institution, you'll need to provide evidence of your enrolment and results to date.

  • If you change your mind about your course after you've received an early offer, that's OK, you'll just need to update your preference in TISC. If you need assistance, see the Choosing and changing preferences web page on the TISC website.

    We'll then be able to issue you an updated early offer for your new course if you're eligible and this will replace your previous offer.

  • We're processing applications and making early offers on set dates each month. These dates are 21 August, 18 September, 16 October, 20 November and 8 December. You should allow around 2 weeks for us to assess your application.

    If you still haven't received an offer, and think you're eligible, make sure you check that your first preference is included in the early offer scheme. If it is, you might need to contact us for an update on your application.

How to apply

To apply for an 新葡萄平台官网大全 early offer you need to submit an application through TISC, making your chosen 新葡萄平台官网大全 course the first preference.

How to apply

Creative thinkers start here

Experience Early Offer Program at 新葡萄平台官网大全.


Life on campus

Uni isn't all about lectures, assignments, and exams. When you're here, you've got loads of opportunities to expand your interests, improve your career prospects, and meet new people. Join in the fun!

Do some volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to meet other students, get out into the community and to grow your employability skills while doing good things.

新葡萄平台官网大全 sports and fitness

Our campuses have excellent sports and gym facilities, plus opportunities to join group fitness classes, social sports teams, and plenty more.

Student Support Services

新葡萄平台官网大全 is always rated one of Australia's best universities by past students who've experienced our commitment to supporting them through their time here. We've got your back anytime you need us.

Study Advice and Assistance

We help students adjust to university level study, including assignment techniques, technology advice and career planning, through services like:

  • Learning advisers
  • Peer mentors and buddy programs
  • Studiosity online tutors
  • Library specialists
  • Career advisers, job skills and search

Health and Wellness

We help students maintain physical and mental health or assist with specific study challenges through services like:

  • On-campus medical centres
  • Free counselling service
  • Equity, diversity and disability service
  • A Student Success team

The Important Things

Things you should know about if you're thinking about studying here.

Course Entry

There's more than one admission pathway into an 新葡萄平台官网大全 course. It depends on what you've studied already, or your work or life experience.

Fees & Scholarships

Course tuition fees can change, but we can give you an estimate of your costs. If you're eligible, a scholarship or student loan can help too.


Applying for a course is a fairly simple process, especially if you have scanned copies of qualifications, your resume or other paperwork, ready to upload.

新葡萄平台官网大全 Experience

Starting a course is an exciting and sometimes daunting time, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.